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Emerging SAP Business One Trends to Watch in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted negatively on the business community. It has made 2020 an extraordinary year, marked by several sufferings and an economic downturn. Technology, on the other hand, continues to advance in order to keep businesses moving forward in this pandemic era. In the year 2021 and beyond, we may anticipate more new and advanced business solutions. When it comes to SAP Business One, it continues to aid SMEs during this trying period, and it’s fascinating to watch the SAP trends.

SAP, a powerful ERP for modern enterprises, is expected to grow in popularity over time. While addressing market requirements with bespoke SAP solutions, businesses may remain innovative and resilient in the face of the pandemic catastrophe. The following are SAP’s top trends, which are expected to control the world in the coming years.

Key Emerging Trends of SAP and SAP Business One to Watch in 2021

High Demand for Skillful Resources

Enterprises will undoubtedly focus on retaining and hiring individuals with hands-on experience with SAP and SAP B1 solutions in the coming years. Companies will embrace technical breakthroughs as digital transformation approaches. There would be a strong need for skilled and experienced resources in the workplace in such a scenario.

SAP HANA will become more prominent

For SAP Business One solutions, SAP HANA will become the accepted standard. The high performance of in-memory databases, combined with the parent company’s announcement that it will only support HANA-based systems starting in 2027, has resulted in a considerable surge in SAP S/4HANA integrations. Furthermore, firms that want to take advantage of real-time analytics will choose SAP HANA.

More Focus on eCommerce

More businesses are selling their products and services online in this digital age. However, in order to optimize operations and bring automation to this online trade, multiple integrations are required. Companies will investigate the extent of eCommerce in 2021 and develop customer interaction methods. SAP Business One will aid them in delivering optimal solutions.

Increasing Interest in Automation

For global corporations, automation is a must-have. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are supported by SAP Business One and SAP HANA to satisfy a variety of business needs. By automating repetitive procedures, it can help departments ranging from warehousing to human resources, finance, and customer service.

Data will be the Key to Success

The Chief Data Officer’s function will remain critical in analyzing data and gaining actionable insights. Data may help businesses get a competitive advantage by paving the route to success. Companies will place a premium on obtaining intelligent data using the appropriate technologies and personnel.

Emergence of Hybrid Cloud

Companies will seek to decrease operational expenses and invest more in data protection in 2021 and beyond. Because WFH has become the new standard, businesses must reconsider their privacy policies and confidentiality requirements. Hybrid clouds can successfully handle these issues. It allows high-end (cloud-based) applications to be integrated into the SAP system.

Rise of Mobile Interaction

Mobility will continue to be a favored choice of businesses even in the post-pandemic era. We may assume that mobile-based engagement will remain crucial even after employees return to their busy professional lives, which include frequent travel and field work. Users of SAP Business One have access to both a standard mobile app and a dedicated sales app. They can also access customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure seamless movement.

Important Long-term Trends in SAP

We live in a mobile-driven world. Whether it is our home or office, the smartphone has become a necessity for us. SAP has developed Fiori UX, Lumira, and Screen Personas in line with the increasing use of mobiles in the workplace. Consumers can get an experience in the form of apps on tablets or phones with the help of this software. It will help consumers when there is a need to capture the orders on-site while eliminating the need to record orders manually.

We can also expect that blockchain technology will have a significant impact on the economy in the coming years. Blockchain as a Services (BaaS) focuses on various aspects including supply chain, energy utilization, and financial provisions. What’s more, Blockchain can make online transactions highly secure and reduce the total time necessary to transfer money to 20 seconds. SAP will introduce this technology in its business solutions to leverage all the benefits.

Talking about SAP S/4HANA, this solution will empower enterprises and make them ready to cope with the ever-changing business needs and the customer’s expectations. The in-memory facility of SAP S/4HANA can expedite business processes significantly and adapt quickly to changing demands. Enterprises are enabled to perform complex functions using the real-time data with the help of SAP S/4HANA.

Concluding Lines

We can expect numerous SAP Business One trends to take the corporate world by storm in the future as technology advances. We’ve listed the top SAP B1 emerging trends here. To take advantage of SAP innovations and trends to make your business more productive, visit a reputable SAP Business One services provider.


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