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Google Assistant Integration with SAP Business One

As we know applies to digital assistants like Siri or Alexa. Siri or Alexa can make calls or send texts on your direction. Whether you are playing badminton, unwinding or just simply don’t want to type, you have “intelligent assistant technologies” on the go. Precisely, Siri and Alexa are faster and easiest to give a command without the need to pick up a device even. These digital assistants are designed to answer all kinds of questions from media to more complex questions about everything we imagine.

Closely integrated with SAP Business One, our Google Assistant add-on is designed to discover real-time data faster from SAP Business One. It displays information in a fraction of seconds and digs out results from a massive number of files all with no complexity. Very exciting!

Keeps your information secure 

Our Google Assistant add-ons is designed to keep your information private and secure. The safety protocols with this add-on ensure that your data is safe and secure and no one else can use the information unless you want to.

Some of the queries you can solve from this add-on include
  • Who is my top sales employee (Current Financial Year)?
  • What is my sales today?
  • What is my total vendor payable?
  • What is my open order value?
  • My top five customers with tax?
  • My top five items with tax?
  • Tell me my current Bank position

And so much more…..

The main essence of these specially designed add-ons is to assist customers with getting their information faster, whether it is about sales forecast, current sales today, top vendor, open order value, or current bank position. You can have the information handy.

In case of any event, where information needs to be dug out faster, you will require this Google Assistant add-on which is closely integrated with SAP Business One software. This add-on will considerably save your time and energy in digging out the information you need at the moment.


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