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Ovatix provides the following models for flexible engagements with clients from its offshore software development center. These models are designed to address diverse requirements and build close relationships with clients, from project based engagements to outsourced software development SaaS support. These models are proven to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs through mature systems and processes built over a decade of serving customers.

Working with teams from different countries and cultures has helped Ovatix develop a process that is flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs of the engagement. Ovatix understands that the same solution may have to be rendered differently when delivering to a different target audience in a different country. This understanding helps in ensuring that the requirements are well understood for the specific audience(s) and in reducing the time and effort required in sharing this understanding.

Ovatix has developed an offshore model that has matured over the years, applying the learning from the experiences in various engagements and working with different partners – both service and product companies.

Ovatix uses processes and tools that address the critical success factors for engagements utilizing the onshore-offshore model.

Largely, two modes of offshore development can be identified – one, in which all of the development is typically handled by a single offshore team and the other, in which development is by distributed teams, usually one onsite and another offshore.